BikeandGo for companies and schools

Supporting businesses and education.

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BikeandGo for schools and companies

BikeandGo promotes sustainable mobility for companies and schools. With BiketoWork, it offers bicycle rental for companies, encouraging environmental responsibility. For corporate teams, it proposes bicycle activities for team building. Moreover, it organizes guided bike excursions for students, promoting environmental and cultural exploration.


BikeandGo for companies

BiketoWork is a BikeandGo project proposing bicycle and e-bike rental services to all companies wishing to offer a particular all-inclusive mobility service for their employees.
We give you the opportunity to make a responsible and useful choice for your company, your team, and the environment.


Building a team in a corporate context is essential to ensure excellent results. More and more entities are looking for group experiences that help strengthen the interpersonal relationships of their team.
BikeandGo offers numerous opportunities for bicycle activities designed specifically for your team, guaranteeing experiences that will allow you to create teams and develop new skills.

Work group doing team building organized by BikeandGo
Boy in the woods with a bike rented from BikeandGo participating in a school activity.

BikeandGo for schools

BikeandGo for schools

BikeandGo wants to offer groups of young people and students from secondary schools the chance to participate in a guided bicycle excursion, discovering new landscapes, paths immersed in nature, and explore the river environment and the history that has marked our beautiful territory.

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