BikeandGo for tourism operators

Collaborations with hospitality structures and tour operators.

Alongside tourism operators

BikeandGo let's collaborate together!

BikeandGo is the ideal partner for tourism operators. We provide bicycle rental services and collaborate with hotels, B&Bs, and tour operators. We offer fleets of electric or traditional bicycles, ensuring complete assistance for a hassle-free experience.

BikeandGo for accommodation facilities

Custom bike rentals

In the B2B sector, we offer rental services dedicated to different structures such as Hotels, B&Bs, Private and Public Entities: we provide, for a determined period, a fleet of bicycles needed by the client, ELECTRIC or MUSCLE, and we guarantee assistance on all rented bikes.

Young couple participating in a tour with a bike rented from BikeandGo
Girl watching a sunset by the sea with her bike rented from BikeandGo

BikeandGo for tour operators

Organized tours

We collaborate with Agencies and Tour operators for the realization of bike Tours: we provide the suitable bicycles for the success of the event, we offer total assistance during the day and coordinate, together with the guide, the route and timings for the management of the itinerary.

BIKEandGO: The best bike rental service

Choose the best bike for your needs, book it, and it will be ready on the day of your trip!