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BikeandGo approaches its customers with numerous sales points. We are present in different locations to satisfy the rental needs of bicycles and e-bikes. Our widespread network ensures convenience and accessibility for everyone.

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BikeandGo Bibione

Directly in the center of Bibione, at Corso del Sole n. 53, the main office of BIKEandGO, you will have the opportunity to rent e-bikes, bicycles. You will also have the chance to sign up for our tours.
Bibione offers plenty of opportunities for the cycling tourist: you can ride along the seaside up to the Lighthouse area, while nature lovers can enjoy the Venetian Lagoon, its rivers, and a beautiful hinterland.

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  • Corso del sole 53 Bibione VE 
  • 3270286666 

BikeandGo Ca'Corniani

A stone's throw from Caorle, you will find the Tenuta Ca’Corniani, where we are present with a unique Bike Station. Here you can find a well-equipped bike rental with always updated equipment, an 'updated staff workshop', a 'break area' to enjoy some rest, and even showers!
A must-see route: 1770 hectares of land stretching into the hinterland of Caorle, with a total of 32 km of bike paths immersed in 3 hectares of forest equipped with rest areas and featuring informative and directional signage. During the ride, you can admire "The Three Thresholds" artworks positioned precisely at the north, east, and west thresholds.

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  • Presso la Tenuta Ca' Corniani Caorle VE 
  • +393270286666 

Passo Barca X River Lignano

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  • Via Punta Tagliamento Lignano UD 
  • 3270286666 

Marina Azzurra resort Lignano

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  • Via Casa Bianca 109 Lignano UD 
  • 0431 430475 

BikeandGo Grado-Tenuta Primero

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  • Via Monfalcone 14 grado GO 
  • 3270286666 

Bikeandgo Sauris

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  • Via Sauris di Sopra 50 Sauris UD 
  • 3270286666 

Bikeandgo Lignano Sabbiadoro

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  • Via Lilienfeld 34 Lignano UD 
  • 3270286666 
Who we are

Take a BIKE and... GO!

Beauty is to be lived, not just seen.
From this awareness and the passion of a traveler, BIKEandGO was born, a company operating in the bicycle sector.

We have embraced the slow philosophy, because we believe life should be savored without hurry, taking the right time to observe the beauty around us and make it part of ourselves.

Our Bikes promote outdoor life and the discovery of enchanting territories, with the convenience of cycling-for-all. The latest generation silent technology ensures a complete immersion in nature, leaving room for the purity of pristine sounds.
We propose tried and tested itineraries and themed tours, providing the professionalism of specialized guides and ensuring organization and support throughout the journey.

Our mission BikeandGo aims to become the leader of 'Bike Experiences' in Italy, creating the first national network of Bike Points in tourist locations. Our strategy is based on high quality in services and means, trying to offer unique emotions to our customers at a competitive price.

Bicycle friend

With pedal-assisted bicycles, the worry of effort is forgotten. Every destination becomes reachable, the mind relaxes, and the spirit fully embraces the surrounding beauty.

Traveling slowly

Living slowly to live better. Letting go of the hurry, learning to slow down, finally enjoying the journey... to get back in tune with our sensations and experience forgotten emotions once again.

Enchanting Italy

Italy boasts 53 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, a unique record for a country rich in history, art, and natural wonders. A precious and surprising jewel to discover.

Freedom on two wheels

Pedal. Slow down. Observe. Breathe. Pedaling means going far, being able to stop, venture and explore. Pedaling means reclaiming time and space on a human scale, turning them into freedom.

BIKEandGO: The best bike rental service

Choose the best bike for your needs, book it, and it will be ready on the day of your trip!